By Manny Pinol

mayor rrdDavao City Mayor Rody Duterte and the Matigsalug Tribe found in the tri-boundaries of Davao, Bukidnon and North Cotabato will be featured at 10 tonight by GMA News TV’s popular documentary “The Motorcycle Diaries.”

Hosted by TV reporter Jay Taruc, son of popular radio host Joe Taruc, the “Motorcycle Diaries” has been running for years now featuring people and social and political issues affecting them all over the country and overseas.

GMA News TV at 10 tonight

Recently, Jay Taruc and the GMA News TV “Motorcycle Diaries” team visited Davao to film a documentary on one of the indigenous tribes living in the tri-boundaries of Davao City, North Cotabato and Bukidnon, the Matigsalugs.

Here is what Wikipedia says of the Matigsalugs, one of the 10 indigenous tribes in Davao City:

“The Matigsalug are the Bukidnon groups who are found in the Tigwa-Salug Valley in San Fernando in Bukidnon province, Philippines. “Matigsalug” is a term, which means “people along the Salug River (now called the Davao River)”. Although often classified under the Manobo tribe, the Matigsalug is a distinct sub-group of indigenous peoples from the Manobos.

“They are presently inhabiting the ranges of Central Mindanao, Philippines.

“Oral tradition has said that their original settlement was at the mouth of Salug River, which is now Davao City. They are the splinter group of the Manobo immigrants (Malayo-Polynesian origin) whose last jump off area to the mainland is the Sulu archipelago.

“Pressures from inland pirates caused the Matigsalug to move further up the Salug River, and even further inland also when the Muslims and others of Indonesian origin came and harassed them in their lowland and mid-latitude habitation. At present, the Matigsalug are around 100 kilometers from their original coastal location.”

Largely marginalized, the Matigsalugs, along with the other tribes, were given recognition and engaged in governance by Mayor Duterte who appointed Deputy Mayors representing all the tribes found in his city, including the large population of indigenous and migrant Muslim tribes.

In recent years, the search for the Mutya ng Davao was conducted with representatives of the tribes as contestants further boosting the pride of the Davao City tribes.

The ‘Motorcycle Diaries” is a one-hour show which airs at 10 p.m. and is a network produced program hosted by Jay Taruc.


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