Condos for dead in Davao City

condeminium for deadLike their living counterparts  in condominiums, Davao City’s dead will soon have their own ‘condimiums.’

    The Davao City Council has approved half-a-million pesos for the construction in public cemeteries of  the ‘condos,’ multi-level compartments for remains of the dead, an innovation aiming to decongest the city’s over-populated public cemeteries.

City Economic Enterprise (CEE) unit coordinator Reynan Librado said at the weekly I-Speak Media Forum at Davao City Hall that the compartments would house bones of those buried for five to 10 years in tombs. Tombs gobble up large spaces in the cemeteries.

Even as they already went to the beyond, Librado said the dead also contributed a large amount to the city coffers, through relatives paying burial fees and spaces in the cemeteries.

Total collection in 2013 was P1.1 million and jump to P4.8 million in 2014, said Librado.

Davao City has  11 public cemeteries located  Wireless ( the main public cemetery), Ma-a, Tibungco, Panacan, Lubogan, Toril, Calinan, Tacunan, Bunawan, Ulas, Tugbok, and Paquibato.



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