Bone Collector is Datu Bago awardee

An internationally famous American bone collector who has called Davao City his home is among recipients of the 2015 Datu Bago Award.

The Datu Bago Award, given by the Davao City government to outstanding citizens, is handed out annually during the celebration of the Araw ng Dabaw marking the city’s founding anniversary.

The awardees are recognized for their “outstanding, exemplary and selfless contribution to the growth and development of Davao City through its greatest resources, its people and for their invaluable contribution to the preservation of the Dabawenyo culture heritage.”

Darrell Dean Blatchley has placed Davao City in the world map of anthropology with his D’Bone Collector Museum.

 The museum with over 700 specimens has the largest collection of bones, skulls, and skeletons in the country and is  said to be the first of its kind in the Philippines.

 Seven other outstanding Dabawenyos  will receive the award: Fe Bada Aroboi, Amelia Baquiran Bonifacio, Mae Concepcion Jarencio Dolendo, Randy Hamili Halasan, John Ryan Largo, Virginia Rodriguez Montenegro, and Lyda Jara Canson.

The award will be conferred, as part of the celebration of the 78th Araw ng Dabaw, on March 14 at Lantawan Hall, The Royal Mandaya Hotel.

Blatchley, president and curator of the D’Bone Collector Museum who was born in the United States, has spent almost half of his life in Davao City.


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