Demolition Unit chief Yusop Jimlani and his men are said to be making money out of imported second-hand shoes confiscated from sidewalk vendors.

        As this dirty talk circulated, Jimlani said the black propaganda came from vendors with illegal stalls demolished by his unit or those who refused to pay sidewalk vending fees.

        yusopBut Jimlani admits some of his men help themselves to the confiscated ‘ukay-ukay’ shoes.

        Either they sell them or keep them for their own personal use, he said.

        Jimlani said an investigation is ongoing to ferret out the culprits.

        I am telling my men that If they don’t have money, I can buy them shoes, he said. He said Demolition Unit men found filching the confiscated shoes would be kicked out.

        But Jimlani said the rumor hitting him and his men was spread by sidewalk vendors, adding they could come from the Muslim vendors.

Jimlani, a Tausug, said Muslims are the most hard-headed when it comes to compliance to city regulations on sidewalk vending, which allocate only 1/3 of sidewalk space for vendors. Muslim vendors form the majority of sidewalk vendors in the city.

        He said many of the vendors also refuse to pay vending dues forcing his unit to demolish their stalls.



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