Marja Elana Tan Guino-o, 20, Louise Ann Canalija, 21, and Christine Joy A. Alvarez, 21 — all of San Pedro College; Pamela Framil, 19, Marie Ernestine B. Torro, 21, and Kris Abegail C. Guanzon, 21 — of Ateneo de Davao University; and Nina Grace Y. Sartagoda, 19, and Chastine Jen Montano, 19 — of University of Mindanao, Minette Aguio Macaraeg, 20, a student of Davao Doctors College; Jenefe N. Simbajon, 26, of International Skills Training & Assessment Center of Davao; and Trishia Joyce C. Sosmena, 20, of Holy Cross of Davao College, Lara Jane A. Saquin, 19, a student of AMA Computer Learning Center, and Nisreen Salleh Mohammad Khurshid, 20, of Joji Ilagan Bian College, Regine L. Anillo, 18, and Floriemer G. Soriano, 22

The 15 dinalists were chosen 30 aspirants during the pre-pageant night held at The Atrium of the newly-opened Felcris Centrale on Saturday.

The Mutya ng Dabaw will be chosen during the grand coronation night on March 14 at the Davao City Recreation Center (DCRC).


mutya 1 mutya 2mutya 4



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