Davao City newspaper, website tagged as Duterte for President mouthpiece

A well-known columnist of a national daily has come short of calling the Davao City-based weekly newspaper Durian Post as the mouthpiece of the Duterte for President phenomenon, with nearly all of its pages eaten up by stories about Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and his bid to capture Malacanang in 2016.

 The local  newspaper (has)  about  90 percent of (its)  pages….

devoted to pushing him (Duterte) to run for president of the Republic!, writes Domini M. Torevillas in her column FROM THE STANDS in the Philippine Star.

The Durian Post praises him to high heavens, writes Torevillas.

The tag heaped on the Durian Post, which is widely circulated in the Davao Region in Southern Mindanao,  as the print version of the propaganda machinery of Duterte has  also been thrown at the paper’s online edition.


As the Durian Post had most of its pages devoted to Duterte, the online edition has pages on Duterte for President and Federalism, an advocacy said to be a concept used as a propaganda machinery that has brought Duterte nationwide as a potential candidate for the presidency in 2016.


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