Rody, Pulong Duterte clash over arming traffic aides

way personalayMayor Rodrigo Duterte said traffic aides of the City Hall Traffic Management Center (TMC) should be armed against criminals.

But his son, Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte disagreed.

Mayor Duterte had broached the idea of providing firearms to traffic aides after TMC personnel Ruel Siacor was gunned down while manning traffic early evening last week in MacArthur Highway in Matina Crossing.

During the Pulong Pulong ni Pulong weekly press conference on Tuesday, May 12, the vice mayor said that he is against the idea of the mayor.

Arming the traffic enforcers might cause more trouble, said VM Duterte.

While he is against it, the vice mayor said the final decision on arming the TMC men would rest upon the mayor.

The verbal exchange over the traffic aides is the third time in just two months that the father-and-tandem clashed over  public issues.

Earlier, VM Duterte slammed ferry operators plying the Davao-Samal route for not enforcing regulations requiring passengers to wear life jackets. Advising his son, Mayor Duterte said the issue should be approached with diplomacy and not through harsh words. VM Duterte aired his anger over the violations of the ferry operators during a privilege speech in the Davao City Council.

Also earlier, VM Duterte said informal settlers in the proposed Sports Complex in the University of the Philippines in Mindanao (UPMin) in Bago Oshiro, Mintal should not be displaced.

Mayor Duterte, reacting, said he would himself demolish the houses of the settlers if they would not leave the area. He said the settlers do not have title to the land and the Sports Complex is needed by children.

City administrator Melchor Quitain said there is nothing wrong with the Dutertes locked in verbal war over public issues.

These are exchanges aimed at enhancing public service, said Quitain.

Mayor Duterte, mayor for more than 20 years, could be honing up his children on good governance as he has said earlier he was grooming VM Duterte and daughter Sasa Duterte, already a one-term mayor (2010-2013), to follow in his footstep when he retires from politics.



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