DAVAO CITY: Recipient of the 2nd ASEAN Certificates of Recognition on Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean Land 2014

Davao City is a recipient of the 2nd ASEAN Certificates of Recognition on Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean Land 2014 for its compliance  with the provisions of national law, particularly, the Republic Act No. 9003, otherwise known as the “Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.”


The formulation and implementation of the 10-year Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan (ISWMP) of Davao City is clear evidence that the City has strong drive in complying with the national standards as stipulated in R.A. 9003. The 10-year ISWMP is also adapted into an ordinance, known as the City Ordinance No. 0361-10, or the “Davao City Ecological Solid Waste Management Ordinance of 2009” – an ordinance providing for an ecological solid waste management, prohibiting certain acts, providing penalties for violations and for other purposes.

Some of the salient provisions of the ordinance are, mandatory segregation at source, establishment of city collection point, barangay composting and MRF, City composting facility and sanitary landfill, organization of SWM enforcers and inclusion of SWM into the school curricula which presently is already established and implemented in the City.

Aside from institutionalizing the solid waste management, the City has also regular greening programs in consonance to the National Greening Program (NGP) of President Benigno S. Aquino III (Executive Order No. 26 issued on Feb. 24, 2011) – a massive forest rehabilitation program of the government that seek to grow 1.5 billion trees in 1.5 million hectares nationwide within a period of six years, from 2011 to 2016 and other laws relevant to reforestation. The City programs include regular planting of ornamental plants, shrubs and trees to parks, playgrounds, islands, monuments and cultural heritage sites. Moreover, approximately, 100,000 to 200,000 seedlings are planted annually in different areas, such as, coastal, roadside, riverbank, watershed and upland.


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