HOUSE BILL 5161 a ‘Typhoon Pablo’out to ‘kill’ the banana industry

RDC XI moves to tame Baguilat bill

The Regional Development Council XI has expressed worry over a proposed bill in the House of Representatives morbidly seen as a man-made “Typhoon Pablo” threatening to kill the banana industry in the Davao Region.
del rosarioIn a bid to tame down the bill, RDC XI has submitted to the House Committee on Agrarian Reform a matrix of inputs and recommendations for House Bill 5161 or An Act Regulating the Establishment and Implementation of Agribusiness Venture Arrangements (AVAs) in Agrarian Reform Areas.

While we can’t prevent natural calamities, there is now HB 5161 which is a more dangerous calamity threatening the industry, Stephen Antig, executive director of the Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association Inc. (PBGEA), said earlier.

Supertyphoon Pablo which visited Davao Region two years ago left in its wake hundreds of dead and missing, millions of pesos in damage to infrastructure and agriculture including thousands of hectares of banana plantations. Hundreds of banana farm workers also lost jobs as companies tried to cope up with the tragedy to put back to its feet the industry considered as one of the region’s biggest employer.

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5 thoughts on “HOUSE BILL 5161 a ‘Typhoon Pablo’out to ‘kill’ the banana industry

  1. How can the banana industry sustain it now that it is facing with difficulties and threats? And these House
    Bill 5161, proposed by Congressman Baguilat, just adds to already-mounting threats that the industry faces. Kudos to RDC for submitting modification of this proposed bill.


  2. The RDC’s proposed changes to the over-restricting and poorly-thought-of House Bill 5161 will hopefully save the banana industry from utter devastation… that is, of course, if their proposed modifications are accepted. Otherwise, the country should start preparing for the loss of billions brought in consistently by the banana export industry.


  3. The PBGEA has been outspoken about their opposition to the HB5161. Now the RDC has spoken, and they want amendments to the bill to keep it from killing such a lucrative industry for the people of Mindanao and the country as a whole. Makes one wonder, did Baguilat even do any research before coming up with this bill? Had he bothered to have a conversation with these industry experts, he would have realized sooner how damaging this proposed bill is.


  4. “While we can’t prevent natural calamities, there is now HB 5161 which is a more dangerous calamity threatening the industry.” – Stephen Antig

    The banana industry is a resilient industry and have managed to survive natutal calamities. Sad thing is, this HB5161 might just be the one to cause the billion dollar industry to come crashing down.


  5. If the government has any intention of saving the banana export industry from completely crashing, they should rethink this proposed house bill and consider the RDC’s recommendations.


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