Dads back Chinatown Mooncake Festival

ibuyanThe Davao City Council led by Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte has thrown its full support for the successful holding of the Mooncake Festival this year organized by the Davao City Chinatown Council.

chinatown 2The City Council on Tuesday, Sept. 22, approved an ordinance authored by Councilor Edgar Ibuyan temporarily closing down to vehicular traffic for two days (Sept. 26-27) two major streets — Sta. Ana Avenue Corner Chavez Street and Sobrecarey Street — in the Davao Chinatown.

Thousands of tourists are expected to witness the Mooncake Festival, one of the most important Chinese festivals.

mooncake pic

The festival is celebrated annually by the local Chinese community with the celebration centered at the Davao Chinatown, a 50-hectare business district in Sta. Ana district, an enclave of Chinese commerce since the pre-World War 11 days.

The ordinance authored by Ibuyan, chair of the City Council Committee on Transportation and Communication, said, the Davao City Government recognizes the contribution of the local Filipino-Chinese community to the progress and development of Davao City.

It also said that the Davao City Government highly respects the tradition and culture of the Filipino-Chinese community which has enriched the city’s cultural heritage.

The   that the Mooncake Festival is an activity organized by the Davao City Chinatown Council is  supported by the Davao City Government as part of its tourism promotions program.


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