call center


Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s call for more technical-vocational schools has gained the strong support of a Davao-based pioneering skills training institution that has opened opportunities for local and foreign jobs to thousands of Dabawenyos.

Duterte made the call as Davao City’s excellent business climate continues to lure more investors.

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, for example, projected thousands of jobs in the next five years as call centers sprout up. Davao City has been tagged as a rising BPO hub in Asia and has been the destination of foreign large foreign BPO companies.

The city’s emerging business districts in the urban area and massive development in its once rural areas calls for more skilled workers to meet the demand for workers in the construction and service industries.

nicole hao bianNicole Bian, a top executive of the JIB Career Center, said the tech-voc industry is responding with energy to the call of the mayor and many are expanding to accommodate more students.

JIB is a pioneering tech-voc school based in Davao City which offers Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM), Culinary, Welding and other courses whose graduates are most in-demand.

Bian said JIB is expanding in response to the call of Duterte for more tech-voc schools to supply the manpower needs of the flood of investors.


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