Nograles ally backs Duterte for President


Former House Speaker and Davao City Congressman Prospero Nograles and his son First District Congressman Karlo Nograles have no franchise in supporting the presidential bid of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in the 2016 election.

The Nograleses are the arch-foe of Duterte in political battles over the mayorship since 1992.

Businesswoman Joji Ilagan Bian, their political ally, has also joined the bandwagon of supporters of Duterte, standard bearer of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino/Laban (PDP/Laban)

Bian had run as an independent or teamed up with Nograles in her bid for the Second District congressional post, but lost in three attempts to the Garcias, who are allied with Duterte.

As a Mindanaoan and a Dabawenyo, I am strongly supporting Duterte’s bid to be the next President, Bian said.

Duterte is our pride, she said on Tuesday, December 22,  in an interview in Bombohanay program on Bombo Radyo Davao hosted by Brix Flores.

The Nograleses recently announced they are supporting Duterte, a move that put closure to the more than two decades of political rivalry.

Bian, in the radio interview, however,  wondered why incumbent Second District Congresswoman Mylen Garcia-Albano has not announced she was supporting Duterte. Congressman Isidro Ungab of the Third District has also said he is supporting Duterte’s bid and has resigned from the Liberal Party which is fielding former Interior secretary Mar Roxas.

If you have the heart of a Dabawenyo, you are for Duterte for President, said Bian, in an apparent broadside at Garcia-Albano, who is married to Isabela Congressman Rodolfo Albano.

In the 2013 election, the biggest issue against Garcia-Albano was that she was not a Dabawenyo being an ‘absentee congresswoman’ who spends more time in Isabela than in the Second District which she is supposed to represent in Congress.

Garcia-Albano run under the Liberal Party in an unopposed reelection in 2013.

 Her husband, Congressman Albano, is said to be supporting Vice President Jejomar Binay, the standard bearer of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), to explain why she has not announced her support for Duterte.

Bian, who did not oppose Garcia-Albano in the last election, said she had realized that politics is not for her and is spending her time on various advocacies in support of the local government under Duterte.



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