Duterte camp warns Roxas vs. cheating

DUTERTE SULOThe camp of presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte raised concern over reports of the possible manipulation of results in the May 2016 elections in favor of the Liberal Party.

The ruling party headed by President Benigno Aquino is fielding Mar Roxas in the May presidential race.

Duterte is standard bearer of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Laban.

lavinaPeter Laviña, spokesman of Duterte, said that they are disturbed by the reports. He said that their fear is not without basis, saying that the administration, whose standard bearer continues to lag behind other candidates, has the machinery, easy access, and control over the process and technology.

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“These reports of possible election fraud courtesy of the administration are reflective of the party’s deteriorating image and desperation, and indicative of the public crumbling trust in them,” Laviña said.

“Any attempts to distort the expressed will of the Filipino people, to twist and subvert this sovereign will, will be confronted with massive resistance and defiance — not only from us, but from the entire nation,” he added.

The Duterte camp also urged all Filipinos to be vigilant against forces that will undermine the integrity of the election results.

“Let’s protect our future, our country, our democracy,” said Laviña.

Duterte’s camp welcomed the latest Pulse Asia survey placing Duterte statistically tied at second place with two other presidential candidates.

“For Duterte to maintain a rating of 20 percent at this point is inspiring and is giving us more determination to work hard in our ultimate goal of instituting genuine change in our country,” Laviña said. (CNN)


2 thoughts on “Duterte camp warns Roxas vs. cheating

  1. We will campaign for Duterte even with meager resources.We will not tolerate cheating.from Roxas Binay and Poes camp.Get ready for people power.Pinoy you should be the first to prevent this to happen.remember Marcos?


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