DUTERTE: Peace as ingredient to progress


“Before a city or province can really prosper, you have to establish order. So that the investors would be coming in, comfortable in their thoughts that there would be no corruption, that they are safe, and that their businesses will prosper.”

Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte placed in this capsule of a few words his political platform anchored on peace as the formula for progress.

Duterte, the standard bearer of the opposition Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Laban campaigns on the platform of an iron-fist policy against crime and corruption and good governance as a potent brew for the country to move forward.

Davao City is my Exhibit A,” Duterte told Filipino and foreign businessmen in a forum in Manila organized by the Rotary Club Manila.

Duterte has been mayor for 22 years of Davao City, the financial capital of Southern and Central Mindanao and now one of the most progressive cities in the country.

In the forum, Duterte focused on how fighting crime, corruption, and red tape in government – as in the Davao City experience that he will replicate nationwide if elected president—will help bring prosperity and progress to the Philippines.

Under his leadership, Davao City has consistently ranked high in the list of  “most competitive” cities.

It has also been named one of the “Top 20 Most Liveable Cities in Asia.”

Duterte’s iron-fist policy against criminality has made the city among the safest in the country and netted awards for the Davao City Police Office as “best police unit.”

Investments, lured by stable peace and good business climate, come in tsunamis.


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