Davao City village chiefs in ‘mass evacuation”


There is no trouble in Davao City but Barangay Captains (village chiefs) in the city’s Third District are “evacuating en masse.”

PAOLONot physically but politically…for fear of being kicked out of the Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod, the local party founded by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

jokeningThe exodus is fatal to Engineer Alberto Ungab, brother of last-termer Rep. Isidro Ungab, who is running for Congress in the Third District.

Of the 82 village chiefs, 70 who are members of the Hugpong have thrown their support to Ungab.


The village chiefs supported Ungab even as Mayor Duterte has already endorsed City Councilor Kaloy Bello, son of IBAP partylist Rep. Silvestre “Bebot” Bello, a longtime buddy of Mayor Duterte. The mayor’s son Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte is also supporting Bello. Former Mayor Sara Duterte, the mayor’s daughter, has said she is supporting Ungab on a personal basis.


A storm struck the Third District yesterday: VM Paolo sent a letter to City Administrator Melchor Quitain, Hugpong secretary general, stating that he would resign from Hugpong if the village chiefs supporting Ungab are not kicked out of the local party.

As reports of VM Paolo’s demand spread in the district, many of the billsge chiefs immediately sent overtures they are abandoning Ungab to join Bello’s camp.

heckler“Mass evacuation” was how insiders in Bello’s camp describe the sudden flight of the village chief to their camp.

The exodus apparently was not only sparked by VM Paolo’s demand they be booted out of Hugpong.

News reportedly reached the village chiefs that VM Paolo would also be fielding his own candidates against the “traitors” in the coming barangay election later this year.



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