‘Destroy Duterte’ plot bared

The ruling Liberal Party (LP) is initiating a covert plan to destroy the presidential bid of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

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frontpage (1)Duterte spokesman Peter Laviña said the plot is to reportedly picture Duterte as a pro-American candidate hiding behind the platform of federalism to allow easy access for US companies to the rich mineral resources of Mindanao, particularly metallic ores.

“Hurting from the moribund campaign of its standard bearer Mar Roxas, the Liberal Party is allegedly hatching up a black propaganda and psychological war operations against Duterte,” Laviña stressed. 

Laviña said the information was leaked by a staff member of an LP stalwart.

According to the insider, the hatchet job was planned somewhere in Western Mindanao where the LP has diehard members.
The source reportedly attended one of those meetings. The scheme will reportedly roll out next week in time for the final half of the presidential campaign.

The same source said the LP will use allied local government officials to “destroy” Duterte in Mindanao where the mayor is very popular.
In several surveys, 47 percent of the voting population of Mindanao prefer Duterte to become the next president.

Laviña described the demolition job as diabolical and a desperate move.

“This only affirms our conviction that they see Duterte as the strongest candidate with a realistic shot at winning the presidency,” he added.
Laviña said the plot could also benefit Sen. Grace Poe who is allegedly the secret candidate of Malacañang.

“The LP will also allegedly try to picture Duterte as a coddler of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front as well as an ally of the communist-led New People’s Army,” he said.

“They want to picture Duterte’s populist image as a mere façade to push a federal system of government. Once it is in place, they will say it will grant easy access for the US to establish US bases in Mindanao,” the source said.

Duterte is known to be critical of US government policies in Mindanao.

duterte evasco goBATTLE PLANS. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, campaign manager Leoncio Evasco, left, and Duterte executive assistant Bong Go, right, planning campaign strategies.

Key to victory: Hard work & persistence


Persistence and hard work will be the key to victory of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in the upcoming May presidential elections.

Duterte landed in a statistical tie with Senator Grace Poe in the first place in a latest survey commissioned by ABS-CBN and conducted by Pulse Asia.

Duterte earned 25 percentage points behind Poe’s 26 points.

“We are where we are comfortable right now. We expect to gain more points as we move towards the second half of the campaign,” Mayor Leoncio Evasco Jr. of Maribojoc town in Bohol, Duterte’s campaign manager.

Evasco added that they were working doubly hard to cover more grounds as the first half of the campaign period is winding down.

What is more revealing, he said, is that Duterte gained more grounds during the week of the survey when the Supreme Court overturned a Commission on Elections’ decision to disqualify Poe.

Evasco, who was also Duterte’s former chief of staff, credited the rise of their bet’s ranking to the clamor of the people for genuine change in the national leadership.

“There is this growing groundswell of discontent among the people and they see in Duterte the strong leadership that the country has been wanting over the last decade,” Evasco said.

While being cautious about momentum, Evasco said the Holy Week will provide them opportunity to assess where they went very strong and gained more converts.

“Of course, we are happy with the results of the survey,” he said.

Duterte’s media team’s head Peter Laviña also explained that the result of the debates in Cebu last Sunday could further boost the mayor’s image as a decisive leader. INQUIRER


8 thoughts on “‘Destroy Duterte’ plot bared

  1. Negative campaigns with no solid evidence except for malicious intent always boomerang on whoever sends them. This has happened time and again and perpetrators never learn.You should instead present your concrete platform and blue print to the electorate and not just empty rhetoric and promises so that our more intelligent more informed voters can decide . Bobotantes are no longer the majority . The emergence of smart phones and new technology are making a big impact in our elections today . Any attempt to cheat the results might bring a new revolution greater than the EDSA people power. Beware…


    1. No amount of evil plans ever prevailed! Duterte believes in fate! He has faith from His God and if he is destined to win by hard work and with the people, let them do all kinds of dirty works and certainly by it, it gets sticky into their hands and becomes messy till it unfolds their thumbprints to their own shame! Remember Mitra used the facilities of govt to print his own propaganda to beat FVR? Remember dagdag bawas to redeem and placed Sen Coco Pimentel? Dirty works doesn’t pay?Remember the money used does not come
      from their pocket, but from govt coffers? How can God be of help to them when comparatively, Duterte finance comes from millions of people from all walks of life and it comes from the hearts: indeed very small amount from each, but from blood and tears of people here and abroad! Prayers and actions n o less from God loving people from everywhere, including children’s savings! A kind God is by all mercy is with His people who seeks changes from abuse of govt officials who oppress and suppress its own kind!


  2. Duterte for President!!!

    Repost only…story of Ms. Arlene Sese

    Pls let me share this with you…

    Yesterday after i saw the video of the “Rape Scandal” i was hesitant to call my Mom (she’s a human right lawyer and shes voting for Duterte) because i’m thinking that there would a big possibility that she changed her mind overnight because of those videos! But after lunch i really needed to talk to her about it, maybe because I’m a woman i am affected with those videos. So i called her up!

    Me: Mom, did you open your FB?

    Mom: yeah! Why?

    Me: have you seen the latest issues about mayor Duterte?

    Mom: yeah! Kaninang umaga pa!

    Me: hmmm so what can you say about it? As a human right lawyer, as a Woman?

    Mom: why? Are you having second thought of voting Mayor Duterte? You see my Dear, Election Day is not that far and We can’t deny and even big media stations can’t deny that Duterte is surging fast. They will really do everything in their power and money to throw muds and dirt to Mayor Duterte. Try to watch the whole video its not as bad as the edited one. If Mayor Duterte is not the big name in 2016 election they will not mind that joke! They will just let it pass. But then, for now all eyes were in Mayor Duterte, they can’t dig anything to destroy his records especially his achievements to his supporters that’s why they are using this tactics. Believe me, dear joke will be forgotten next month but the problem in our country is thousand folds more important than that joke!

    Me: so are you trying to say that you are okay with his joke?

    Mom: No, dear im not saying that his joke is okay with me. But look at the bigger picture. Mayor Duterte’s mouth is his only failure, he’s not a good talker why? Because its not his attitude to impress his supporters or his people, his attitude is ” okay lang if iboboto ninyo ako, if ayaw nyo okay lang din” now compare him to other candidates? Other candidates promised a lot of things, all the government projects, bribes, etc but use your brain my Dear, they are already in highest Government position for the longest time bakit di pa nila ito nagawa? And how sure are we that they will do their promises in the next six years? Other Candidates have their own problems and issue but they don’t face it, they just kept quiet, they don’t deny or confirm it, all their speeches were the same in every rallies, they have advisers along with them. While Mayor Duterte he spoke directly with his heart, he don’t have prepared speeches to impress the people. I am for Mayor Duterte because he is indeed human, he had flaws, he made mistakes and apologized. He got balls to accept his mistakes. Candidates who are too perfect, refined and respectful is kind of scary for me, it seems to me that they are hiding something in public. Now dear, if you are still in doubt just remember the vote that you will be making for May 9 is not just for you, its for every Filipino in this country. Because i am sure, crime rates will go down the moment Duterte enters Malacanang, believe me.

    Me: so you are still for Duterte?

    Mom: ofcourse Dear, me and all of the other Human Rights are still with him. His mouth problem is only petty problem, compare to bigger problems if any of the three undeserving candidate will win. Crimes, oligarch, corruption is much bigger problem if you think of it wisely.

    Me: ok Mom, thanks.


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