Liberal Party, ruling elite real threat to democracy not Rody: Duterte spokesperson


The camp of presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte rebuked the ruling Liberal Party for describing the mayor of Davao City as a “threat to democracy” whose politics is a “politics of fear.”

lavinaPeter Laviña, spokesperson of Duterte, said the real threat to democracy is the clique of Liberal Party and the ruling elite that stands only to protect their own interests.

“Like the rest of the presidential candidates who are theatened by a Duterte presidency, Roxas and his minions fear they will lose the trappings of that political power they have been holding on and clinging to for so long,” said Laviña.

After news broke that Duterte topped the latest SWS survey — the same survey that placed administration bet Mar Roxas second to the last — Akbayan partylist Rep. and LP Spokesperson Barry Gutierrez attacked the mayor of Davao and described his politics as “politics of fear.”

But the statement, according to Laviña, was a manifestation that the camp of Roxas is now heavily rattled by the looming defeat of their standard bearer.

“It is not democracy that is being threatened by Duterte. It is Mar Roxas and his ambition to become president and the ruling class, the same ruling class represented by Poe and Binay,” Laviña said. “At the very least, these candidates offer blind servitude to their elite masters — something that cannot be expected of Duterte.”

Duterte’s wellspring of support comes from the ordinary people – farmers, workers, lower and upper middle class and even from a section of the elite.

“These are the people that the camp of Roxas and the other presidential candidates are afraid of — the people they have angered and alienated by their inept and elite brand of leadership,” said Laviña. “The camp of Roxas are raising the bogeys and shadows of their own doings.”
Gutierrez, he said, only need to look at his own party to know what is the real threat to democracy and politics of fear.

roxas kidapawn


“Look at what this government did to the farmers of North Cotabato? The farmers were hungry, but instead of giving them food, what the Aquino government did was to murder them. That’s your threat to democracy and politics of fear, Mr. Gutierrez,” Laviña said.

The biggest threats to democracy, he added, are those “fearful of the people’s true sentiments, who consider themselves the only ones capable of moving this country forward, unable to see the magnitude of their failures and the suffering they have brought upon the Filipino people.”

“They must be smoking some good stuff up in the comfort of their ivory towers,” he said.

And contrary to the claim of Gutierrez, Duterte’s brand of politics places the people at the center, allowing them to win over their “miserable lives all because the government is a failure.”

“Duterte’s politics is the politics of real change and it is not a surprise that thousands and thousands of Filipinos gravitate toward this,” Laviña said.


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