Suaybaguio advised to bet instead on LOTTO if he wants P25 million

agr picCongressman Anthony del Rosario (AGR) jokingly advised Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio, his rival in the race for governor in Davao del Norte, to go to the nearest LOTTO outlet to bet if he wants to earn P25 million without a sweat.



This developed as Suaybaguio’s propagandists spread the yarn that AGR dangled a P25 million bribe for Suaybaguio to back out of the race.

Why should AGR pay off a losing candidate? asked AGR in a statement issued by his media bureau.

AGR, son of outgoing Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario, is running under the banner of the administration Liberal Party. While Suaybaguio is running as an independent after being disowned by the PDP/Laban as it’s candidate for governor, AGR is backed by the politically powerful Floirendo-Del Rosario combine.

The AGR media bureau also has an added advice to Suaybaguio: Do not  not hope you could win P25 million from LOTTO or P25 million in ay-off from AGR in exchange for backing out of the battle. Do not also entertain the wild imagination that you will win in this election.

According to the AGR media bureau, Suaybaguio winning P25 million in the LOTTO or being paid the same amount in pay-off, is as dim as Suaybaguio’s dream of winning the race for governor against AGR.

While AGR deplores the black propaganda about the P25 million pay-off, he thanked Suaybaguio for making the election colorful with his wild hallucinations, said his media bureau.

If Suaybaguio thinks he can gain support with this black propaganda, he is wrong. He will only confirm that he is a liar, said AGR in the statement.

AGR’s media bureau said the del Rosarios are not new in Davao del Norte politics where they stake their election based on performance.

Gov. del Rosario joined politics in the late 70s while AGR won his first election in early 90s.

Not once had the del Rosarios been linked to electoral fraud or paying off opponents, the media bureau of AGR said in the statement.

The del Rosarios believe on fair, transparent and honest election, said the statement.


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