Del Rosario camp slams Suaybaguio over dynasty rap

The camp of Rep. Anthony G. del Rosario (AGR) turned the tables on Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio who has accused the Floirendo-Del Rosario clan of building a political dynasty in Davao del Norte.

We build a political legacy of public service not political dynasty, said AGR, son of retiring Governor Rodolfo del Rosario,  in a statement issued by his media bureau.

AGR and Suaybaguio are fighting a one-on-one battle for governor in the May polls.

It is Suaybaguio who is building a dynasty, said the statement noting that there are seven candidates from the Suaybaguio clan running in the May elections.

In comparison, the Floirendo-del Rosario clan is fielding only two candidates: AGR for governor and Tonyboy Floirendo for congressman.

The camp of Suaybaguio has been noted of late to be resorting to black propaganda as his campaign for the governorship against AGR spins off into a losing battle ahead of election day on May 9.

AGR is running under the banner of the administration Liberal Party.

Suaybaguio is on an independent dash to the governorship after being disowned by the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino/Laban (PDP/Laban) as its candidate for governor.

He is facing an uphill battle against AGR, who is backed by the Floirendo-del Rosario clan which is considered as a power block in the province.

Observers are one in saying that the May elections would be the last political event for Suaybaguio predicting his slaughter by AGR.

The Suaybaguio clan is an old, landed family in Davao del Norte that called Tagum City its home since the pre-war days.

The family was a central figure in business and politics up to the 70s but Davao del Norte’s economy remained at a standstill.

Things changed when the Floirendo-del Rosario clan in the 70s started transforming Davao del Norte’s laggard economy with the Tagum Development Company (Tadeco) that produced and exported Cavendish banas that placed the Philippines in the world map of major banana-producing countries.

The del Rosario lan is headed by Gov. del Rosario, father of AGR, who is retiring from politics after serving the province since the late 70s. Tonyboy Floirendo, Jr., son of the late Don Antonio Floirendo, the pioneering industrialist who founded TADECO, heads the Floirendo clan.

The legacy of public service as exemplified by the Floirendo-del Rosario clan should not be derailed by personal ambitions, said the AGR media bureau.

Suaybaguio is a former ally of Gov. del Rosario who split  from the Liberal Party to make an independent dash to the governorship.

Suaybaguio said he is next in line to the top post and should have been the candidate for governor with Gov. del Rosario retiring.

Suaybaguio is not only bothered by old age, but also by serious health issues.

There is nothing personal in AGR being named as candidate. Suaybaguio11 should understand that Davao del Norte needs new blood to push its march forward with energy, said the AGR camp in the statement.

AGR running for governor is not about politics. It is about the future of Davao del Norte which needs young men of vision and not men at the sunset of their lives, said the AGR media bureau.



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