“We don’t want to be charged with murder, if something happens to Suaybaguio during the spitting duel”

jokerOne of the funniest jokes circulating in Davao del Norte as the campaign period for the May election heats up is about Davao del Norte Representative Anthony del Rosario challenging Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio, his rival in the race for governor, to a spitting duel (Pataasay ug Luwa).

hecklerRep. Del Rosario reportedly hurled the dare as Suaybaguio claimed the young son of outgoing Governor Rodolfo del Rosario will not be able to cope up with the job of governor because he is “not healthy.”

Years ago, Rep. Del Rosario battled a rare form of cancer but came out of it free after a long treatment in the US.

His cancer licked, Rep. Del Rosario is now in the pink of health, does a regular round of barangay visits on top of his legislative work. He plays tennis, his sport, regularly.

Suaybaguio, on the other hand, is bothered by old age aside from other serious issues.

He lures votes by hurling health issues against Rep. Del Rosario, claiming he is healthier than the young congressman and deserves to be governor.

agr pic

Rep. Del Rosario’s media bureau in a statement further tickled the funny bones by issuing a statement on the joke.

The media bureau said that while the camp of Rep. Del Rosario was not the source of the joke, the congressman was ready to face Suaybaguio in any kind of physical contest to prove who is healthier between him and Suaybaguio.

But the congressman, according to his media bureau, would not go to the length of challenging Suaybaguio to a physical duel of any kind.

“Not even a spitting duel,” said Rep. Del Rosario’s media bureau in a statement.

“We all know the physical condition of the vice governor,” it said.

“Even spitting, bisag pata-asay lang ug luwa, for an old man like Suaybaguio will involve a taxing  physical exertion that could endanger his life,” the statement said. “We don’t want to be a party to any tragedy by daring him to a spitting contest.”

“We don’t want to be charged with murder, if something happens to him during the spitting duel,” the media bureau of the congressman said.


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