SM HOSTING KADAYAWAN 2016 Sayaw Mindanaw and Tunog Mindanaw




SM Supermalls will host two cultural events of the Davao City Kadayawan Festival 2016, said Art Boncato, co-chairman of the Kadayawan Festival executive committee, at the Kapehan sa Dabaw at SM City Annex on Monday, August 1.

BONCATOSM Supermalls joins Kadayawan as City Hall taps private sector support to make the tourist-drawing annual August festival of thanksgiving a big success.

The twin cultural events — Sayaw Mindanaw and Tunog Mindanaw — that promote the arts and culture of the city’s 11 tribes, will be held on August 15 to 16 at the Rizal Park, .along with two other cultural shows, Bantawan and Tribuhanong Pasundayag.

This year’s celebration will be more focused on the city’s culture and tradition.

PAOLOWe were given directive by Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte to focus on events highlighting the culture of our eleven tribes, said Bomcato, who also thanked SM for its support for the annual festival.

Other than the cultural events, SM is also behind Moda Mindanaw depicting tribal fashion.

SM has always been active in its involvement with the events here, and the city government is truly thankful for that, said Boncato.

SM Supermalls in Mindanao Assistant to the Vice President for Marketing Russel Alba said SM is holding in its malls Other Kadayawan side events to help make the festival more colorful and a big success.



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